Rinnai - Hot Flow Promotion

Rinnai is New Zealand’s leading manufacturer of hot water heating, gas fireplaces, and space heating.

The Challenge

How do you change entrenched trade buying behaviour in a product range you are unknown in…and where your competitors thrive?

Our Approach

Across the major centres we created a Plumbers Engagement & Rewards Programme, unlocking targeted on-the-job incentives as recognition for sustained electric hot water cylinder purchases. We needed to take share, not create need.

Our programme centred on the insight that ‘Time is money’ for plumbers: Every incentive, interaction and fulfillment was designed to be a ‘one-touch conversion’, in store, on mobile, and via email, plumbers could buy, enter, update and view their reward points, rewards just for changing brands not behaviour.

A customer experience mapping allowed us to ensure we created the path of least resistance through their working day.


Plumbers appreciated the ease and recognition not afforded to them by entrenched competitors. The cash register rang.

Market share increased by 134%, sales grew by 281% over the 6-month promotion. The ROI more than paid for the marketing programme and incentives at 367%.

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