Child Fund - Donor Strategy

ChildFund New Zealand helps the world’s most deprived and vulnerable children and their communities.

The Challenge

How do you ask for more support and funds from your committed donors without turning them off your quest?

Keeping the faithful committed to giving is critical to the ongoing funding of emergency relief efforts. Donor fatigue is always at the back of ChildFund’s mind.

Our Approach

We developed an insight and targeting programme to personalise to each donor the cause, timing and donation appeal amount ask. Donors were selected based on what made them tick and donate, emotionally or rationally. We looked at their history of donation amounts, personalising an amount slightly higher than their history and positioning this amount in the middle of the three ask options. Testing the balance of dollar stretch versus response drop off, we fine tuned this to collect a large number of small incremental dollars that amounted to a powerful increase in donations.


We cracked the careful balance between serving the emergency appeal needs and not asking too much from our donors.

The Sri Lankan appeal was one of the most successful emergency appeal campaigns funnelling critically needed funds to war ravaged children.

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