Because experience matters

In a world where consumers engage with brands on their own terms, customer experience has become the differentiator. And it’s not just about the soft fuzzies. Those organisations that get it right benefit from improved business performance.

The common thread for success is what we call “connected conversations”. Customer experience leaders activate data, deploy smart technology, and personalise interactions at scale.

So if you are looking for growth, that means we’re well positioned to help. Since 2006, we’ve been helping clients fuse data smarts, technology and customer strategy expertise with creative personalised digital and direct marketing.

Connecting conversations removes friction and enhances the experience. With happier customers, satisfaction, sales, customer retention and referrals all improve. It’s a win-win for our clients and their customers. And that means it’s a win for us too.

Our Story

Our desire when we launched in 2006 was simple. Traditional advertising and generalist marketing was broken. Organisations talked about being customer-centric, yet few companies – and even fewer agencies – were equipped for a truly “customer first” world.

We wanted to help solve that problem.

We were quirky. A geeky hybrid of analyst, strategist and artist. Creative thinkers with data in our DNA, we didn’t fit the traditional advertising mould. We believed we could better connect data insights and technology with the creative spark necessary to intelligently influence buying behaviour.

So that’s what we did. And it’s what we continue to do today.

We’re older now, but remain tirelessly curious, creatively inspired and strategically savvy. We’re still learning. We still love the thrill of solving grunty business problems and doing it customer by customer if necessary.

The technology has moved on of course, but the principles remain the same.

If you want to propel the growth of your organisation with behaviour changing creative ideas empowered with data smarts, technology and one-to-one customer strategy delivered at scale, we should connect!

What's in a name?

Since olden times, scholars and those in the know have had access to an amazing secret. It was known as “the Law of the Vital Few”. Then in 1906 someone called Pareto came along and gave it a name we could all understand — the 80/20 Rule.

We help clients zoom in on the vital twenty percent or so of people who will make all the difference to profitable outcomes so we can build customer experiences shaped around them. It’s a heady cocktail of data, technology, strategy and ideas that drive connected conversations. It works to create happier customers and sustainable business growth.

We love it. Welcome to Twenty CX.

Work that works - and wins awards.

It’s nice to be recognised for great work that has truly driven significant results. The outcomes we have contributed to have been recognised with top marketing honours, including the coveted Nexus Supreme, multiple Marketing Association NZDM Golds and international awards including an Asian Marketing Effectiveness and Strategy gong.

Asking nicely

While themes are often similar, your organisation and its challenges are likely to be uniquely complex. To be successful for you, we must therefore shape our services appropriately. So we start by asking some searching questions. And by listening very carefully to your responses.

By understanding the dynamics of your business, we can unpick the keys to success at a customer level. And that means we will be empowered to unlock sustainable value quickly.

We’ve found that asking is a great way of unlocking many opportunities when you deal with people one-to-one. That means it is a strategy that we often adapt for the benefit of our clients too.

So let’s start with an ask. Connect with us today, and let’s start a conversation.

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