Interesting times! As we emerge from Level 3 in NZ to the joyous freedoms of Level 2 and beyond, many of us will be returning to work, intent on getting things back up to speed as quickly as possible. If that’s you – we think you could benefit from the 10x30x90 Business Planning Framework that we’ve adopted.

The saying goes that “in the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity”. At this stage, those opportunities may not be immediately obvious. Let’s face it, this crisis has certainly presented its share of uncertainties. As we move forward, we can be confident that many businesses will come through and some will find incredible new ways to flourish.

So how do you make sure your business has the best chance of success at this point? In our recent post about Surviving and Thriving Post Lockdown: A guide for NZ businesses we talked about the need for actionable planning. To help that along a little, we focus here on business planning rather than ‘just’ marketing.

A nimble planning framework for an uncertain world

So, how do you plan for business success in uncertain times?

The challenge with traditional planning models is that most are built around an annual cycle. Given we are faced with so much uncertainty, we believe an annual plan is unlikely to suffice. We need the flexibility to adjust everything from budgets to operations to marketing far more fluidly. Instead, we’ve adopted this 90-day planning framework that is agile enough to enable us respond quickly to a changing world while we continue to navigate and execute with purpose.

The Framework

All good planning starts with clarity around purpose, vision and longer term goals. The 10x30x90 Planning Framework captures these, then defines the key strategies for implementation over a 90-day period. It keeps things simple, prioritising deliverables and breaking them first into 30-day plans, then 10 day focused deliverables – similar to sprints.

Why 10 day blocks rather than weekly? We get a lot of interruptions over a standard working week. 10 days gives us the flexibility to deal with these while we still get through as much as possible.

The plan is an active business management tool that is re-visited every 10 days, 30 days and 90 days to keep it on track.

Free 10x30x90 Business Planning Template

We believe this framework can be exceptionally effective for a high growth business even in good times. Based on where we are at now, it provides the flexibility needed to adapt quickly to new information and redefine priorities. If that sounds like something that could help you, click to get your free copy of the 10x30x90 Business Planning Template – there’s no forms to fill. We hope you can make good use of it and it helps you make a success of things.


Photo Credit: The featured image on this post is a photo by Med Badr Chemmaoui on Unsplash. Thank you!