We wish you the best Christmas in all of the land. But a wish isn’t enough so we lent Santa a hand.

A few people have helped Santa over the years. Some have looked at the aerodynamic efficiency of his sleigh. Others have put stand-in Santa’s through their paces to help the big man out. For us, it was about sorting out the good from the bad and the believers from the unbelievers, and optimising his route to make it the best Christmas possible for all concerned.

Find out all about Santalytics – our magical Christmas analytics deep-dive into the snow-pit of Santa’s big data, helping uncover who’s been naughty and who’s been nice this year.

From transforming Dashing Data into a Single Child View, we found some very interesting insights. A bit of miracle modelling informed Santa of three key areas of focus – Sleigh stream optimisation, Stocking segmentation, and Propensity to believe. These little tweaks would result in big changes all adding up to a more magical Christmas.

See below for our infographic revealing to the world how Santalytics came to life…

Santalytics Infographic

Santalytics Infographic - How Twenty NZ Helped Santa


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