Career opportunity: Insights Analyst to join award winning team

Career Opportunity for Senior Insight AnalystWe have an opportunity for an Insights Analyst to join our award-winning analytics team.

If you have a head for analytics, and a heart for insight, we’d love you to come play in our sandpit.  We’re are one of NZ’s leading independent marketing agencies. Central to our philosophy is the belief that behind every great idea is a genius insight… and behind that insight is often oodles of sexy data.

As an Insights Analyst you will understand and have worked in analytical and marketing environments.  Demonstrating a desire to get under the skin of business problems, you know how to use analysis, data insight and tools to help answer them. Working within a team and multi-tasking across clients provides the variety you thrive on.

Insight Analyst Key Responsibilities

  • Liaise with clients and understand their requirements
  • Plan and design analysis to help answer business problems
  • Handle and manipulate large datasets with analytical tools
  • Interpret data to create actionable insights.

To get the most out of the role and help us deliver the best solution to our clients, you’ll be a proven A-grade player. You’ll need to have had at least four years work experience. Naturally you’ll have Tertiary qualifications in Statistics (more than likely to a post-graduate level). You will be looking for variety and creativity in your role.  You’ll be comfortable using analytical tools such as SAS Language, SQL and R, and you’ll know how to visualise and communicate insights to engage a range of audiences.

If this sounds like you we’d love to hear from you.

All applicants will be required to provide proof of their eligibility to work in New Zealand.

Please apply by sending your CV and a covering email or letter to Robert Harrison

Twenty Values

These are the values that we look for in each other. Taken together, they create the DNA that demarks the Twenty way of acting with virtue and integrity in everything we do.

Stay curious, Keep digging

Every day we search. We are always learning and looking for what really matters. We explore every question, connect the dots in new ways and share those ideas with each other, so we can test and grow our understanding.

Straight up

Every day we’re honest. Honesty builds trust, which is the foundation to great teamwork. We’re always honest, respectful and open-minded with ourselves and each other, even when its tough. Maintaining a sense of integrity and willingness helps pave the road to the best solutions.

Be humble

Every day we ditch our egos. Without them we can see more, hear more and do more. We gain all the wisdom and know-how of our colleagues and clients, and lose the biggest obstacles to creating good solutions. Simply put, no one person is bigger than the team – or even more simply, no one likes working with a dickhead.

Own the outcome

Every day we’re accountable. We understand that our job has a real impact on our agency’s success and we don’t expect someone else to take up the slack. We get stuck in and take responsibility for delivering the best solutions. If a mistake happens we own it and learn from it, so we can use it to improve in the future.

In it together

Every day we look out for each other. Good times, bad times, anytime – it’s always better when we pull together and work towards a common goal. We always share the load, help where we can and learn from each other.

Take it on

Every day we step up. Enthusiasm and self-belief drive us to meet challenges head on. Along the way we may encounter fear, risk and failure. They are not the enemy, but natural companions when you’re doing somethingnew. We don’t submit to these, but we do listen and learn. They help guide us to success.

Think Bigger

Every day we dream. We want to see what lies beyond our comfort zone. Thinking bigger will always make us feel nervous and excited. That’s a good thing. We encourage each other to push what we think is possible, because exploring new insights and ideas together is one of the best parts of working at Twenty.

Creating Better Everyday.

Creating Better Everyday is Twenty’s purpose in life. It is our call to action to the agency, to each of the people that make up the agency.

Irrespective of your job role, there is something out there today that you can improve, make better, enhance.

Every day you come to work, think about what you can do to make a difference – for yourself, your colleagues or our clients. It doesn’t matter how small or how big, just so long as it is better.

And the great thing is that every little improvement made by each of us will add up to a much better working environment and a better result for our clients.

So what are you going to make better today?

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