BMW’s repurchase challenge

BMW New Zealand tasked us with keeping the brand’s current customers in the BMW or MINI franchise and if possible encouraging them into the purchase cycle slightly earlier. Dealers traditionally contact customers three years after purchase. However, analysis of purchase cycles showed this approach missed a high percentage of buyers. Many had already changed cars by the time the dealer called. We needed to move on from this one-size-fits-all approach if we were to improve retention.

Our approach

A data model was built to identify the optimum time to contact each customer. We now contact them at the appropriate time with a specific repurchase offer – an exclusive Driver Experience that gives them access to the new BMW or MINI of their choice for an extended drive on a specially selected route.

Results: A 66% lift in repurchase sales

In the trial period of this communication, those on the programme demonstrated a 66% increase in repurchase sales. In the first quarter alone, the campaign delivered an ROI of 1183:1.