Since olden times, scholars and those in the know have had access to an amazing secret. It was known as “the Law of the Vital Few”. Then in 1906 someone called Pareto came along and gave it a name we could all understand — the 80/20 Rule. This can be applied to everything from sales, to customer retention and even to profitability. And that’s where we come in.

We figure out who the most profitable prospects and customers are likely to be for each of our clients. Then we come up with the most compelling ways to talk to them – ways that are going to get the best results.

We call what we do the Science of Persuasion. And it works too. This year we picked up multiple awards for smart insight-driven marketing that drove exceptional results. In NZ, we won the Nexus Supreme, several NZDM golds, silvers and a bronze. We also picked up a Silver Gong at the Asian Marketing Effectiveness and Strategy Awards. But it’s not about awards. Simply put, we thrive when our clients thrive.

If you want to better understand, find, grow and keep profitable customers, we should talk. Call us on 09 302 7382.

In the mean time, this little film that tells the story of how Pareto’s Principle came to be a central thought which guides Twenty’s philosophy and approach to business.