About a month ago a group of us at Twenty attended the Marketing Association’s Direct Marketing Conference. It was a great day with a diverse range of speakers from across the direct marketing field that covered some really important things that should be kept in mind when running one-to-one campaigns.

After the event, we sat down and looked at the key snippets that really resonated with us, and how we could use these in a practical way for the benefit of our clients.

At the same time, we thought it would be a great chance to let some of the ‘up and comers’ in our team strut their stuff in the digital space and have a bit of fun with these insights from a creative point of view.

What grew from this was a digital infograph that looks at the importance of getting intimate with your customers and making the most of these relationships.

Check out our “Let’s Get Intimate With Our Customers” infograph here


Zoe, Cherie, Gandhali, Amy and Gina

Let's get intimate with our customers