The challenge

Every year The Heart Foundation goes out with a significant push around its Annual Appeal, providing support with both above-the-line and direct response-led advertising. By doing the simple things better, we felt we could significantly improve on previous results. This included looking at all aspects of the mailing: the targeting, the creative, the call to action and the response options.

Our approach

Our approach acted on a number of levels to improve the performance of the Annual Appeal direct mail campaign.

  1. With more accurate targeting of both existing donors and acquisition lists we sought to improve response rates and reduce wastage.
  2. Where possible we would use a donor’s past donation amount to stretch our ‘request’, to increase average donation levels.
  3. Creative use of personalisation and the three dimensional opportunities of the direct mail medium would allow us to bring the proposition to life.
  4. By trialling new online response channels we’d give people more options to donate and gain valuable insights.


With response rates averaging out at almost 10% and average donations up considerably, the the appeal delivered 108% of target.