The challenge

Our task was to develop a new website for Liquorland with the core purpose of driving more traffic into store – to get more people doing more of their beer, wine and spirits shopping with Liquorland. It needed to be easy to navigate regardless of platform; simple and cost-effective to keep up-to-date and accurate; oh, and ideally it needed to reduce cost and complexity by linking to Liquorland’s Locals database – customers who had opted-in to receive exclusive offers and discounts.

Our approach

In developing the new site for Liquorland, we leveraged an SaaS platform which integrated an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS), CRM, e-commerce and mapping tools. The site optimises to the screen type, so whether consumers are on a computer, a smart phone or an iPad, it gives a great user-experience. The team at Liquorland can update the product database and offers at any time via the CMS, so ongoing maintenance costs are minimal. The CRM system allows Locals to access deals within the site and receive email offers with exclusive mobile vouchers that they can redeem in Liquorland stores.


The website was delivered on time and on budget. The user-interface is simple and effective to use, and already the site traffic is up significantly from the previous site.