The challenge

A strategic decision was made to use an insight-based, targeted promotion to create goodwill and awareness of the Rinnai electric water heating products. The ultimate aim was to drive increased sales through the trade in a tough environment.

Our approach

We know that installers (plumbers) spend a lot of time on the road and rely heavily on their mobiles to run their business. With this, and other insights, we created a promotion that was relevant and easy for installers to engage with. They needed to do nothing different to what they usually did, except use Rinnai. They could use their regular merchant, pay as they usually did and there was no element of chance to the promotion. If they ordered four cylinders they automatically received a Navman – a productivity enhancing tool for their business. The Navman incentive reinforced Rinnai’s strategy of actively supporting the growth of their trade customers. In this case, the prize could help an Installer’s business by allowing them to work more efficiently.


The campaign achieved a near two-fold increase in sales and an increase in market share for electric water heating of over a 100%. The feedback from Merchants was a resounding yes to more insight driven promotions.