The challenge

Bay Audiology runs quarterly promotional campaigns centred around key moments in the year when prospects are most aware of how much they miss hearing the sounds they love when they are with their family and friends. Each of these campaigns contributes a significant proportion of revenue to the year’s targets. It is Twenty’s job to create the concept that makes prospects feel there is a solution quickly at hand with Bay Audiology.

Our approach

Twenty developed a fully integrated campaign using TV, press inserts, eDM, DM and search engine marketing to tightly target their audience. The media was planned and coordinated to ensure that above the line exposure supported below the line calls to action. The concept brought to life the ‘Sounds of Summer’ with evocative images of grandchildren playing, birds singing and conversations at the family dinner table. The call to action provided a strong time bound offer and multiple response channels. Utilising the call centre and online surveys, the aim was to qualify our audiences’ needs and fast-track a solution.


The results delivered have been impressive. Year to date leads generated exceed the target for the year with 4 months to go. Leads against forecast are 54% ahead of target, cost per lead is 55% lower than budgeted, and cost per acquisition is 41% lower than our benchmark.